Piaggio Wi-Bike Active Male SD

Piaggio - 250 Watt, 120km

€ 4199
excl. kosten rijklaarmaken

Wi-Bike is more than a pedal-assist system, it’s a way of life. A combination of innovation and the excellence and style of Italian design: electric motor, transmission and battery are harmoniously integrated in its 100% aluminium frame.

The centrally located motor and the battery mounted behind the saddle tube contribute to optimal mass distribution, guaranteeing perfect stability and manoeuvrabiity. Eye-catching lines and quallity finishes are the hallmarks of your Wi-Bike. Every last detail has been studied to meet your taste: the pleasure of riding pure design.

Sharing achievements with friends make them even satisfying. Your Wi-Bike was born to be social. With its dedicated App, you can share all your goals, efforts and achievements.

Let everybody know how much you enjoy your Wi-Bike.

Technische specificaties
Frame Brakes Connectivity Theft protection
Motor Piaggio - 250 Watt
Batterij 418 Wh (36V - 11,6 Ah), Lithium-ion
Laadduur 3.5 uur
Maximum afstand 120km
Maximum snelheid 25km
Modi Eco - Tour - Power & stapvoets
Frame Hydroformed Aluminium AL-6061
Remmen Shimano hydraulische schijfremmen
Connectiviteit Geïntegreerde GSM-GPS module
Communicatie Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), USB lader voor Smartphone
Diefstalprotectie GPS tracker / componenten verbinding via interne boordcomputer /montagepunt mechanisch ART gekeurd hoefijzerslot

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